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Manufacturing and Distribution

We help manufacturers and distributors communicate effectively with their suppliers, manufacturing partners, customers and supply chain.  Our content management solutions work in conjunction with your existing infrastructure to link those systems securely to your public Web site, Intranet and/or Extranet. 

Our solutions achieve these objectives in a flexible and adaptive manner that recognizes that no two business are the same.  And does so cost effectively.

Manufacturers and distributors face the following challenges:

    • Delivering a quality product
    • Making accurate and up to date product information accessible
    • Optimizing costs while increasing efficiency
    • Getting your products to market first
    • Providing timely and effective information available to your entire supply chain

Fuego CMS helps Mad Rock Marine Solutions Inc communicate clearly with its industry leading Web site focused upon marine safety and evacuation technology.  Take a look at the story behind their site here and visit their website here.

Fuego CMS provides the following solution:

    • Distributed content management through an easy to use, browser-based content management interface
    • Fine-grained permissions ensure tightly controlled access to relevant information - for both viewing and editing - ensuring that only authorized users can view or edit specific data
    • An adaptive web environment that provides relevant and targetted information in one place without the need for your customers or suppliers to visit multiple sites or remember complex URLs
    • Template-based content publishing to ensure that consistent branding is applied
    • Database-driven content allows for the preparation of new content and revisions to take place ahead of time
    • Highly automated tools allow you to focus on the business of learning rather than fighting the technology

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